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Michael Roberts

Hi I'm Michael

In 2013, after living in Brazil and struggling to communicate effectively, I accidentally asked to drink ‘poo water’ in a restaurant because my pronunciation wasn’t clear. I decided enough was enough and I became obsessed with speaking clearly!

Then I discovered that non-native English speakers were having these same frustrations too. So I created a brand new way to learn pronunciation called the British Accent Method…

And it gives you career-growth SUPERPOWERS!

The British Accent Method helps you grow your career. Here's how:

The Career Growth Formula

British Accent Training


Clear Communication

You doubt yourself and feel like you’ll be judged when you speak

You see native speakers getting treated differently

You may feel like you don’t belong when speaking English

You miss out on career development opportunities

Your colleagues might not respect you

The 3 Levels Of Mastery To Speak English Like A Native

British Accent Method Diagram

The British Accent Method enables you to speak like a native by guiding you through 3 levels of mastery: Bronze. Silver. Gold.

As you progress through each level, you will master the 5 pillars of the British Accent Method. 

Each pillar gives you an explosive boost in confidence. 

Together, they give you the confidence, respect and communication skills to grow your career in English. 

We integrate the 5 pillars into your daily speaking through our signature 5S Implementation Process.

Who we help

We help Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Students to communicate clearly and confidently in meetings, presentations and job interviews

Do you get treated differently to your native-English speaking colleagues? Or find that you're not taken seriously?

Are you missing out on job opportunities that you know you are capable of? Or feel like you’re communication is affecting your career growth?

We specialise in helping you to speak clearly with confidence in your communication so you can focus on growing your career


Are you the face of your business? Is your accent a disadvantage when it comes to doing deals? Or making you feel self-conscious when you speak?

In the competitive world of business, you need to be your best. We can help you get there with bespoke solutions for your accent and goals.


Do you need to pass the IELTS exam, the Cambridge CPE, or any other university entrance Exam? We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve a pass rate of up to 100% on the speaking part of these exams.

Is a lack of confidence in English affecting your ability to get the most from your course?

We show you how to speak clearly in lectures and presentations so you feel confident to speak in front of others and make the most of your education.

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