Are You Making These 5 English Pronunciation Mistakes?

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Mistake 1: ɑː vs ʌ

Mistake 2: ɔː vs ʌ

Mistake 3: əʊ vs ɒ

Mistake 4: iː vs ɪ

Mistake 5: iː vs ɪ

Bonus Mistake: iː vs ɪ

Bonus Training: 7 Confusing English Vowel Sounds Compared

In this English Pronunciation tutorial you will discover how to clearly pronounce all 7 of these English vowel sounds, and what the differences are between each of them.

1. coat – əʊ
2. curt – ɜː
3. cat – æ
4. caught – ɔː
5. cut – ʌ
6. cart – ɑː
7. cot – ɒ

Sound Recognition Test

Which do you hear?

  1. ɑː vs ʌ – can’t or cunt
  2. ɔː vs ʌ – fork or fuck
  3. əʊ vs ɒ – coke or cock
  4. iː vs ɪ – sheet or shit
  5. iː vs ɪ – beach or bitch

Answers at the bottom of the page 


Summary and Next Steps



  1. ɑː vs ʌ – can’t vs cunt
  2. ɔː vs ʌ – fork vs fuck
  3. əʊ vs ɒ – coke vs cock
  4. iː vs ɪ – sheet vs shit
  5. iː vs ɪ – beach vs bitch

Bonus Mistake: iː vs ɪ – piece/peace vs piss


Sound Recognition Test Answers:

  1. ɑː vs ʌ – cunt
  2. ɔː vs ʌ – fork
  3. əʊ vs ɒ – cock
  4. iː vs ɪ – shit
  5. iː vs ɪ – bitches
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