/ɜ:/ Sound Tutorial- Long Vowel Sound #5 British English Pronunciation & English Accent Training

In this British English Pronunciation tutorial, we look at the /ɜ:/ Sound which appears in the words ‘work’, ‘bird’, ‘turkey’ and ‘further’

If you can’t put your lips in THIS position you will never make the /ɜ:/ Sound.

This sound can be easily confused with a number of other long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds, so making sure that your /ɜ:/ pronunciation is correct is key.  

If you want to appear confident and credible when speaking English, it is essential that you learn to communicate the language effectively. 

English Accent Training and English communication skills exercises are the best way to do this. 

If you can’t hear certain sounds in English, you won’t understand when words with these sounds are being spoken.