Do THIS to learn /ɑ:/ Sound (British Accent)

In this British English Pronunciation tutorial, we look at the /ɑː/ Sound.  

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your English Speech improves with the exercises in the video.

Do you make this easy-to-fix mistake?

It is a long English vowel sound that appears in words such as ‘car’, and ‘father’.  

It sounds very similar to the /ʌ/ sound, which is a short English vowel sound. If you don’t know the difference, you might confuse words such as:

‘heart’ vs ‘hut’

‘can’t’ vs ‘c*nt’

‘Mark’ vs ‘muck’

It is very important that you learn the difference between the English vowel sounds as they can sound very similar to non-native English speakers. 

The best way to learn the ɑː sound in English is to practice putting your mouth in the right position, and then listening to words pronounced by a native speaker, then recording yourself making the sound so you can compare your pronunciation.