“I’ve become more ‘me’ when I speak English”


“A Significant Improvement In The Way I Speak English”


100% On The Cambridge CPE + No More Accent ‘Jokes’ From My Colleagues


“These embarrassing moments have stopped”


“I feel more confident, now I like how I sound”


“My English Has Improved Tremendously”

Alberto is an engaging Tour Guide and Business Owner from Lisbon, Portugal – who lives in London.

In Portuguese, Alberto is funny, charming, and a confident speaker.

But in English, his communication got in the way – especially when talking to native English speakers.

Alberto would often get asked to repeat himself which affected his self-confidence…

And as a result…

He avoided having conversations with new people for a long time because he felt uncertain about his ability to communicate clearly…

And wanted to avoid humiliation.

This, unsurprisingly, had a negative impact on his social and professional life…

He tried to ‘figure it out on his own’ but without 1:1 feedback, he didn’t know if he was doing it right…

Alberto came across one of my British Pronunciation tutorials on YouTube, and applied to work with me 1:1…

He was a great fit for my Coaching Programme, so we enrolled him, and he began to see the results he was looking for almost immediately…

I started by analysing his Linguistic Programming so we knew the challenges he’d face in learning pronunciation as a native Portuguese speaker…

This gave me a clear understanding of exactly what he needed to do to communicate clearly and with the confidence he desired…

I then created for him a step-by-step plan of action which we worked through together.

We built him a Native English Operating System so that he stopped pausing unnaturally (which affected his accent)…

We simultaneously gave him clear and confident pronunciation of all the sounds and words he’d been pronouncing unclearly…

We worked step-by-step through the programme I created for him, which predictably enabled him to start communicating clearly and stop ‘doubting himself’ when he spoke.

Alberto now communicates confidently in conversations with native speakers.

He feels confident to talk to new people, he communicates clearly without the frustration of getting asked to repeat himself…

He is no longer burdened by people misinterpreting his words and as a result feels more certain when he speaks.

And finally, he’s put an end to people being rude to him and making fun of how he speaks!

I am very proud of Alberto.

He’s been enthusiastic and fun to work with.

And most importantly of all, he’s achieved the funny, charming, and confident character that he is in Portuguese… in English!

Well done Alberto!