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Pre Fortis Clipping In British English – Vowels Made EASY

In this week’s video, I will show you how Pre Fortis Clipping affects vowel length in British English, and how you can use it to pronounce English vowel sounds clearly.

You’re going to learn how to implement pre-fortis clipping into your English speech, which will enable you to improve your English pronunciation skills and your English listening abilities!

Pre-fortis clipping is the effect that causes vowel length to get squashed in English speech.

How does this happen?

A voiceless consonant, such as ‘K’ or ‘T,’ squeezes a vowel and makes it shorter.

This happens because the tongue pauses airflow while we’re forming these voiceless consonant sounds. 

Try it for yourself by saying ‘seed’ and then ‘seat.’


Do THIS to learn /ɪ/ vs /i:/

In this English Vowel Sound tutorial, I compare the /ɪ/ and /i:/ Sounds. 

The video will help with your English Accent Training, your English Pronunciation, your English speaking, and your English listening skills. 

It will demonstrate your ability to tell the difference between the /ɪ/ sound, and the /i:/ sound.   

In this video, I compare these words for example

sit & seat 

hit & heat

Tim & team

bin and beam

Once your English listening skills are good enough to recognize the sounds in speech, you will be much more like to pronounce the sounds correctly.