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How To Pronounce The ‘-ly’ Suffix In English

This week’s English Pronunciation tutorial will walk you through this tricky consonant cluster step by step to enable you to speak English like a native!

Don’t let the ‘-ly’ suffix affect your English Pronunciation

These is what we will cover during this video:

  • Breaking ‘-ingly’ down
  • How Not To Pronounce ‘-ingly’
  • Pronouncing ‘-ingly’ Correctly
  • Examples of ‘-ingly’ Words
  • ‘-ingly’ In A Phrase
  • Explaining Tonality

When pronouncing the ‘-ingly’ cluster in words like ‘lovingly’ or ‘surprisingly,’ the ‘-ly’ suffix can alter the way we pronounce the ‘-ing’ before it.

Why is that?

When we see the ‘N’ in ‘-ing’ we assume it is there to be pronounced, but since it is part of the ‘ING’ suffix, we should be making a different sound entirely – /ŋ/.

Are you struggling to understand?

No worries!

By the end of the tutorial, you will know how to pronounce the ‘-ly’ suffix, the ‘ing’ suffix, and the combination of both when they are combined.