British English Word Pronunciation Tutorials

How to pronounce VIA in British English

In this video I give you 2 different examples of how ‘via’ can be pronounced in your speaking:

The British Pronunciation of ‘via’ is: /ˈvaɪə/

The American Pronunciation of ‘via’ is: /ˈviː.ə/

‘Via’ pronunciation can be difficult for many learners of English for 2 reasons:

1. The /v/ sound – which you may find similar to the /b/ sound or /f/ sound

2. The /aɪə/ triphthong- which is pronounced by combining the /aɪ/ diphthong + the schwa sound /ə/.

You may also hear this word is pronounced with the American pronunciation.  

The difference between the British and American pronunciation of ‘via’ is:

1. The British pronunciation of ‘via’ is one syllable. The American pronunciation of ‘via’ is 2 syllables.

2. ‘Via’ pronunciation in British English contains a triphthong, whereas ‘via’ pronunciation in American English contains a long /i:/ sound on the first syllable and the schwa sound on the second syllable.

Even if you just want to pronounce ‘via’ in British English, it’s still useful to know the American pronunciation.

Once you know how to pronounce Via in British English (and American English)… the next step is to put it naturally into your speaking.  

1. In the first example, I show you how to pronounce ‘via’ when it is NOT stressed.

2. In the second example, I show you how to pronounce it when it has the sentences stress on it.