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5 Professional Words For MORE Confidence at Work

‘Vaccine’ pronunciation, ‘Brochure’ pronunciation, ‘product’ pronunciation, and ‘analytics’ pronunciation.

I hate getting asked to repeat myself.

In the professional environment (work, job interviews, meetings, presentations) it can feel even worse.

One of the difficulties of growing your career using English is knowing the word you want to use… But not knowing HOW to pronounce it confidently. 

You end up doubting yourself and feel like you don’t get the respect you deserve!

So in today’s video, you’ll discover 5 workplace words which learners of English commonly mispronounce – essential for speaking confidently in the professional environment!

When working with the professionals in my English Pronunciation Career Growth Coaching Programme, all of these words came up as causing difficulty.

Even if you don’t use each word in your daily career, it’ll still give you more confidence the next time you want to use these words in a conversation with a friend or at a meeting!

Here’s why these words can catch you out:

Brochure pronunciation:

In brochure pronunciation, the 3 things that can catch you out are the ‘br’ consonant combination, the /əʊ/ diphthong, and the stress – make sure the stress is on the first syllable.

Analytics pronunciation:

In Analytics pronunciation, what can catch you out is: The number of syllables… ‘Analytics’ has 4 syllables. It’s easy to drop some of the syllables or merge them if you are not aware of this. Stress… to have clear English pronunciation of ‘analytics’ and speak with a British accent, make sure that you put the primary stress on the third syllable and the secondary stress on the first syllable.

Vaccine pronunciation:

In Vaccine pronunciation, what causes a lot of non-native English speakers is stressing the wrong syllable. In the British English pronunciation of the word ‘vaccine’, make sure that you stress the first syllable and not the second.

Product pronunciation:

In Product pronunciation, what causes most people difficulty is the ‘pr’ consonant combination at the beginning of the word. Make sure that the tip of your tongue does NOT touch the roof of your mouth. The word-stress can also cause you difficulty. Make sure that you stress the first syllable and not the second. Finally, the consonant combination /kt/ at the end of the world can be challenging. Make sure not to release both plosive consonants. Instead, you go into the position of plosive 1 and then release the sounds on plosive 2.

Discovering Pronunciation should be simple, fun, and predictable.

The British Accent Method (BAM!) provides a tested, proven, and efficient blueprint for confidently speaking English in meetings, presentations, and job interviews.

Want more confidence right NOW?