/ɔː/ Sound Tutorial- Long Vowel Sound #3 British English Pronunciation & English Accent Training

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your English Speech improves with the exercises in the video.

In this British English Pronunciation tutorial, we look at the /ɔː/ Sound. 

The /ɔː/ sound appears in words like ‘naughty’, ‘poor’, and ‘caught’.  

It can sound similar to other English vowel sounds such as the /ɒ/ vowel sound. For example:

‘port’ vs ‘pot’

‘caught’ vs ‘cot

‘short’ vs ‘shock’

If it’s not pronounced correctly, can lead to many mistakes and you often get asked to repeat yourself.

If you want to get good at British English Pronunciation then mastering this long vowel sounds and all the other English Vowel Sounds is essential.