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‘Career’ Pronunciation (Vs ‘KOREA’ vs ‘COURIER’)

In this English pronunciation tutorial, you will discover how to tell the difference between ‘Career’ pronunciation, ‘Korea’ pronunciation, and ‘Courier’ pronunciation.

‘Career’ pronunciation can easily be confused with ‘Korea’ pronunciation and ‘Courier’ pronunciation. Are you making these mistakes?

The reason why these three words sound so similar is that the consonants are the same, and the vowel sounds sound almost identical.

Here’s the difficulty:

Although the vowel sounds in these 3 words sound very similar, they are different and are made up of the 3 kinds of vowel sounds that your native language may not have. 

Career pronunciation – Diphthong

Korea pronunciation – Long Vowel Sound

Courier pronunciation – Weak Vowel

So in this British English pronunciation tutorial, we use the British Accent Method to master the clear pronunciation of all of these words and integrate them into your English so you can speak like a native.

If you’ve ever struggled with English vowel sounds, or been asked to repeat yourself…

It’s not your fault!

English contains (or even 5) different kinds of vowels sounds when many languages only have one – short vowels.