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Top 10 Most Common English Words Used in Employment

In this week’s video, we will be analysing the top 10 most common English words used in employment.

Here are TEN professional words and phrases that you will come across in the workplace environment.

1. Employ
2. P.A.Y.E
3. Self-Employed
4. Contract
5. Statutory
7. SSP
8. Pension
9. Salary
10. Wages

Picture this.

You’re at a new job and you have to ask your employer a very important question.

But you don’t feel confident enough, because you don’t know how to pronounce these words.

Those questions don’t need to go unanswered, because this video will guide you through these ten tough words and even phrases you might need to use them in.

So if you work in a professional environment and want to feel confident when you speak English, this video is the one for you!